Our Story

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The Lioness

The Lioness is the ultimate female. Fearless, Beautiful, Strong, Nurturing and Powerful.

The Lioness lives and supports with the other females in her pack. Lionesses hunt together, without competition, they lift each other up, work together and help to support those who falter.

The Lioness is beautiful and lives in the light, there is no need for her to hide in the shadows. She is fierce and majestic when supporting the alfa whilst, caring for her cubs and pack.

The Lioness is you.


Our wide range of TOMBOY products are created for the fiercely beautiful Lioness in all of us. She is versatile, she can be equally as beautiful in casual wear as she can in cocktail. She loves items that encourage individualism, that enhance her attitude and unique flair.

She knows when to be bold and let her personality roar but also comfortably aware of when to just add subtle highlights.

She knows who she is now and who she wants to be next.